Confederate Spy

Confederate Spy

Greenhow, Mrs. & Daughter (imprisoned in old Capitol Prison in Wash. D.C.) Confederate spy

Here for your browsing pleasure is an extraordinary photo of Rose Greenhow, Mrs. & Daughter. Greenhow was imprisoned in the old Capitol Prison in Wash. D.C. - Her Crime - Being a Confederate spy. It was made in 1865.

The photo documents Greenhow and Daughter.

Rose Greenhow had four daughters. Tragedy struck the family her husband died soon after the birth of the youngest daughter. Her alignment with the Confederate cause grew after her husband's death, and was nurtured by her friendship with noted secessionist John C. Calhoun. Her Southen Sympathies were noted by Washington Secessionists, and she was recruited as a confederate spy. On July 9, 1861, and July 16, 1861, she delivered intelligence to Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard containing details of McDowell's plans for the First Battle of Bull Run. Confederate President Jefferson Davis credited her efforts with helping to secure the Rebel victory at Bull Run.

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