Admiral Charles Wilkes, United States Navy

Admiral Chas. Wilkes, United

Admiral Chas. Wilkes, United States Navy

Here for your browsing pleasure is a majestic photo of Admiral Charles Wilkes, United States Navy. It was made between 1860 and 1865.

Wilke was commander of the "San Jacinto" in the Civil War. He stopped and boarded the British Ship "Trent", considered by England to be soverign British Soil. He took this action in order to capture Rebel Commisioners Mason And Slidel, who were known to be on board. He forecfully arrested the two Confederate Statemen. Britain was outraged, and prepared for all out war with the US. Secretary of State Seward was able to apologize, return the prisiners, and narrowly avoid war. The Civil War would have likely had a different outcome had this confrontation with England not been averted at the last minute. This is now known as the "Trent Affair".

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