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Indian Mask


Kwakiutl person wearing an oversize mask and hands representing a forest spirit, Nuhlimkilaka, (


Kwakiutl Boat

Kwakiutl Boat in British Columbia

Kwakiutl man curing mummy over smoke and coals of fire.

Drying Indian Mummy

Hamatsa Dancer

Hamatsa Dancer

Kwakiutl Indian Man

Kwakiutl Indian Man

Masked Indian Dancers

Masked Dancers

Kwakiutl man, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front,  wearing a mask depicting a loon on top of a man's head to facilitate the loon changing into the form of a man.

Tluwulahu Mask

Kwakiutl Indians Fishing

Kwakiutl Indians Fishing

Indians Dancing

Dancing to Restore Eclipsed Moon

Indian Ceremonial Mask

Indian Ceremonial Mask

Kwakiutl man kneeling on one knee dressed in skins, hat and other garments.

Hamatsa Costume

Indian Mummy

Indian Mummy

Indian Wedding Party

Indian Wedding Party

Kwakiutl village, with totem poles

Nimkish Village

Tluwulahu Indian Costume

Tluwulahu Costume

Kwakiutl people in Canoes

Kwakiutl Indian Canoe

Kwakiutl woman gathering abalones

Indian Gathering Abalones

Koskimo Costume


Dancer representing Paqusilahl (


Indian Wedding

Indian Bridal Group

Kwakiutl Warrior

Nakoaktok Warrior

Indian in a Mask

Indian in a Mask

Indian Winter Dance

Incident Winter Dance

Indian Wedding Guests

Tenaktak Wedding Guests

Kwakiutl Woman

Kwakiutl Woman

Winter Dancers

Group of Winter Dancers

Three people in canoe with sail British Columbia.

Kwakiutl Canoe

Indian Mortuary House

Mamalelekala Chiefs Mortuary House

Tanaktak Indian House

Tanaktak House

Kwakiutl in canoes

Kwakiutl Sailing Boats

Kwakiutl Indian in costume with skulls.

Kominaka Dancer

Three Kwakiutl people in a canoe with a single sail.

Kwakiutl Indians Sailing

Kwakiutl Home

Kwakiutl House Frame

Kwakiutl man, full-length portrait, standing, facing front.


Hamasaka, a Kwakiutl chief

Hamasaka Tluwulahu Costume



Kwakiutl Dancers

Masked Dancers in Canoes




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