War Effort

War Effort

Woman of the War Effort

The War Effort

Libraries are filled with books describing the heroic deeds of Allied soldiers in World War II. We celebrate their courage, and the wonderful gift of freedom we enjoy as a result of their sacrifices.

It is right and proper that we celebrate the deeds of valor performed by our young men on the front lines. In honoring these heroes, we must not forget another group whose efforts also played a key role in the Allied victory over Despotism and Fascism. As our young men were fighting the enemy on the front lines in places like Normandy, Okinawa, and Northern Africa, another "army" was mobilized back at home. This was an army of women involved in the American War Effort.

Prior to World War II, women in America primarily worked in the home. With the United States entering the War, a significant percentage of the job force was drafted into military service. This created a void in the work force. This void was created at the precise time that there was a significant increase in demand for workers . . . workers needed to build the tanks, fighters, bombers and other military hardware needed to win the war.

With the decrease in supply of workers, and an increase in the demand for workers, American Women stood up, left the home, and filled the holes in the factory lines left by men fighting in the war. These women filled the ranks of defense contractors like Douglas Aircraft Company, and they turned out equipment of impeccable quality.

Heroism and bravery on the front lines are doubtless a key element of victory in World War II. However, this heroism would have been in vain if these brave men on the front lines did not have equipment that worked, and performed as expected.

Women working in the War Effort are the unsung and unrecognized heroes of the war. They manufactured military equipment with pride, and that equipment performed exceptionally, and played a critical role in the Allied victory.

Today, we salute the Women Workers of America.

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