George Perkins Marsh

George Perkins Marsh family

George Perkins Marsh family

Here for your perusal is a highly creative photograph of George Perkins Marsh family. Marsh seated beside a table with tablecloth, on the left, his head turned to the right, wearing spectacles, his wife seated on the right, her hand on his, her head slightly to the left, both holding papers; Caroline's sister, Lucy Crane, standing behind and between them, her hands on her brother-in-law's shoulder, her head three-quarters to the right. It was created in 1844.

The photo illustrates George Perkins Marsh was a Whig Congressman from Vermont, 1843-1849, U.S. Minister to Turkey and Italy. Caroline Crane Marsh: Marsh's second wife, writer. Lucy Crane: sister of Caroline Crane Marsh.

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